Neri-Kiri de La Rosdollane mated with Peanuts de La Rosdollane

all kittens are bicolours, in cream, red or tortie


Randy, cream bicolore

Romance, chocolat tortie bicolore, pet (white on tip of ear)

Rose Blanche, red bicolore / van,pete, Rose's ears, body and head are almost all white

please contact us for more photos or infos

Nali des Chalomcats mated with Miyagi, all will be bicolores or mitted, possible lilac or chocolate, cream or red, may come some tabby creme ou tortie

coming soon,  10 octobre 2020,


Naphtaline mated with Quintilius du Roi de Coeur, all bicolores or mitted, seal ou bleus, possible tabby

expected mid septembre 2020,