Nali des Chalomcats X DCH UA*Funnydolls Jarvis

3 mâles & 3 females ​born 26th of june 2019

Peanuts, cream bicolore male available for showing and/or breeding

Naphtaline de La Rosdollane X Oxo des Blue Gems

1 boy 1 girl born sept 9th 2019

Pim’s, chocolate mitted male, available as pet

Phaedra,  seal tabby point female, option

Neri-Kiri de La Rosdollane X our marvellous Oxo des Blue Gems

3 lads 1 lass, born 9/11

Prada, seal tortie bicolore female, with or wothout sauce, craving attention all day

Petrus,  chocolate bicolore mâle, high mitted quiet and sweet

Pepsi, mâle red mitted

Pushkin, mâle crème bicolore