Enter in a world of sweetness

La Rosdollane Ragdolls is a family raised Ragdoll cats cattery. We are located in a town house near Aix-en-Provence (Puyricard), in southern France .
In addition to their striking beauty Ragdoll cats are gentle and affectionate home cats (not to say sticky purring plague) who require constant affection marks, have a gentle voice and follow you everywhere you go.

19 years of experience

Sotis Koci Szarm*PL

I started breeding ragdolls in 2004 when I realized how scarce these sweet cats were in France. I decided in my modest way to contribute to the promotion of this extraordinary breed.

A royal sélection

Amberglade Hawaiki

They came from all the horizons to have ragdoll kittens protected from too much consanguinity which in the long run provokes immunizing weaknesses and health disorders. They all have been especially chosen on their temperament, their health, their beauty and the reliability of the catteries they are from.

What about health ?

Our cattery is garanteed free of feline leukemia FeLV and of FIV (cats AIDS), and our cats tested on schedule. Our breeders are all tested homozygous normal to HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and PKD (polykystic kidney disease).

For the rest


chat et chaton ragdoll mignonWe cannot bear any responsibility in case of striking addiction to ragdoll that might happen during the visit of this page. We can be helpful at finding the kitten who will bring joy and sweetness into your life though.