Discover our beauties

They came from all the horizons, California, Portugal, Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and New Zeland.
It’s the price to pay to have ragdoll kittens protected from too much consanguinity which in the long run provokes immunizing weaknesses and health disorders. They all have been especially chosen mainly on their temperament, their health, their beauty and the reliability of the catteries they are from.

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Our princes

DCh UA*Funnydolls Jarvis

cream bicolor with a huge size and stunning eyes

DCH Miyagi de La Rosdollane

Choco’s son, chocolat tabby bicolore,

Oxo des Blue Gems

Choco’s son, ans Jujube’s, blue mitted, Traditionnel.

Our princesses

Neri-Kiri de La Rosdollane,

chocolat tortie bicolore

CH Little Miss Moonshine

de La Rosdollane, “Moon”

Moon is from Wheatcrest lines, BlueMoon and Sammy

Pedigree 100% traditionnel (Dennis Dayton chart)

Naphtaline de La Rosdollane,


Naphtaline is Choco’s and Lady’s daughter, Yagi’s sis

Nali des Chalomcats


Jujube de La Rosdollane

pedigree traditionnel

Noisette de La Rosdollane

Our settlers


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