La Rosdollane

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I’ve been breeding ragdolls under the  “de La Rosdollane” affix since 2004.

Blue Gems

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des  Blue Gems” with  Jujube and Noisette de La Rosdollane and our studs

La Réserve

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de La Réserve” with  Janelle du Kayah and our studs

du Dolmen d'Azur

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des Dolmens d’Azur” with Lili Rosemonde de La Rosdollane, Nova Star de Châteauroyal and Trésor d’Arcadie Nolan

He’s going to depend on you for everything…
I strictly forbid La Rosdollane cats and kitten to be declawed.
La Rosdollane cats and kittens shan’t be sold, leased, or given away to any pet shop to be sold or on display, far less to a research or experiment lab.
This kitten mustn’t be obviously neglected or mistreated.
If for any reason the purchaser cannot keep the cat, he contracts with the breeder not to hand it over to a shelter and to inform the breeder who will find a loving home. (ragdoll rescue)
If the breeder were to know of at least one of this circumstances, she is indefeasibly allowed to immediately and unconditionnaly seize the animal without any compensation and to sue the owner.

To reserve a given kitten, you have to make a deposit of 400 euros as a payment on account, no sooner than when the kitten is 6 weeks old, as it’s not possible to determine the quality of a kitten before this age. This deposit qualified of “acompte” according to the French laws can’t be refunded, except if the kitten prooved to be unavailable due to a force majeure, the kitten would be replaced by a kitten of the same quality of the following litter.
The Seller can’t be held liable for veterinary bills of this kitten.
No cash refund.
The Ragdoll is strictly an indoor cat and cannot be allowed to roam freely outdoors.


Prior to any claim regarding kitten’s health must kitten have been examined within 72 hours following purchase.


A redhibitory defect is a hidden serious defect and  prior to the purchase


Diseases known as redhibitory defects opening a right to compensation:

Redhibitory defects as  articles L 213-1 and following of the  code rural as well as R 213-2 et R 213-6 of the same  code, open right to  actions from articles 1641 à 1649 of code civil (hidden defect).

Are aknowledged as rédhibitory defects the following diseases  (art. R 213-2 du code rural) :

2° for feline species :

  1. a) leucopénie infectieuse : typhus (5 days) (FPV)
  2. b) péritonite infectieuse féline: PIF (21 days) (FIP)
  3. c) infection par le virus leucémogène félin: FeLV (15 days)
  4. d) infection par le virus de l’immuno-dépression : FIV (no mention of delay)

Between braquets  ( ) are mentionned delays during wich the veterinary diagnostic must be settled (art. R 213-6 du code rural)

Diagnostic must be followed by a necropsy report from a licensed veterinarian, stating the cause of death in case of suspicion of FIP. The detection of coronavirus is not a diagnostic of FIP.

FIV FeLV or FPV will be testified by a testified laboratory from blood sample.

Veterinary fees are not refund.